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okay, so that we don't forget anything for next new year, this is our year of 2006 entry, add things as they happen xxx

go on get adding


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hero dance
rueben climbing up the stairs "MUUUUUUUUUUMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
blue basket to the face
gerry being at campus
colin murray
you can get delirious if you take life too serious
oozy mc
lozzy mcsniper
ipy mcyana
tkae that at the bells of carols 18th
the kid on bells at campi with colin murray
cammy playing take that non stop
blair,jack and the beanstalker
mind you had a squint eye and bad focus
blythe hae i
chips and cheese from pizza crolla
the loft
jinty mgintys
the heaven on earth place that shall not be named
bus pass and julian clairy and owen mccarthy dreams
-brians ipod
-my cheery mccousins
-"whats a mini bud?" "fuck knows i want a horse"
-son of a preacher man
-time of my life
-the big photo of us all at the masters on annettes last night
-actual being able to dance to sundown without looking like your taking the piss
-according to my diary, laura has made dinner twice so far this year and its still january
-celebrity big brother started PRESTON
-campus for jollys birthday
-*does the eyelash thing with hands*
-dropping travel and tourism
-in the car coming back from the vale, come what may and that thing you do!
-ashton lane, discovering the bar from hollyoaks
-singing at the marriott and being actual scared of laughing
-silver aftershock, nice healthy brian
-getting mary to sleep :D

-standing in jollys close unable to stop ourselves laughing
-blythe hae i for carols 18th
-maggie baby, "and pamelas brown bread"
-carol jolly's face
-brian shouting at the zimbabweans on the escalator in tk maxx
Michaels Fake Tan!!
-mobile campii for my birthday
-"it's my birthday week"
-"its my birthday"
-drinking in my uncles car on the way to campii
-walkabout being absolutley jumping
-chocolate cake at the counting house
-first drink in 2 months
carol : "you're laura" *motions a punch*
in fact naw, she gives me the triple boke. thats sounds like a shot!
i'm gonna go to the bar and ask for a triple boke and the barman'll go that £5.20 and i'll go thats alright as long as i get triple the boke
blyhte hae i dance to dont cha
-brian calling irena, diane
-lauras ability to sleep in campii
-lesleys house being colder than the tunnel at secc
-catching a cold indoors
-roast potatoes &kit kats
-richards dolly
-lauras dead irish weans and single parenthood in a urine- stained shed
-pamelas deported weans and big house with shaqeel
-buses being on time
-driving in the dark while raining
-stuart and stevie
-old ladies kicking my chair in the cinema
-lesley being a general boot
-channel 999 with the dog and the duck and the red button
-jonesy having a bud
-cammy dancing to fallout boy
-PROPER baywatch
-"the boys"
-one of "the boys" smelling of damp
-roly poly's to limp bizkit
-karaoke at campus
-just general laura
-the sunday feeling
-carol getting knocked back from campus even with id
-inability to enjoy sambuca
-trays of shots
-steaming x factor fans being wur pals
-"i'm a lady"
-drama costume room
-hide and seek in school
-mrs birchards glasses
-berets for burns night
-dancing in the drama studio
-sambuca face
-droopy eyes
-take that medley in choir
-mascara down my face
-sharing a hankie with jim
-mrs bannermans laugh
-being chased round the english base with vinegar
-"i like the smell of sunbeds" "we can tell"
-- in first year *laura baby noise*
-- in fifth year *huuuueeeeeghh*
mcdonalds mcdonalds
-the pringle machine in campus
-the hand dryer and the baywatch pose in campii
-"i've had enough- leave"
-double shots
-campii on a thursday, uni on a friday
-petter the con artiste
-ainslie henderson
just general oozy mcsober
i quite obviously meant hand dryers in school
-dropping cymbals on kevanharryhenrychris
-creepy priest being partial to a bit of schoolboy put put
-the photos from campii
-blue stuff round yer head
-pancakes at brians
-frying pan fires
-blistered fingers because of nice cool syrup
-priestys new haircut
i am partial to a wee bit of the priest. Hes clearly religious and isnt touching himself through his pockets when little boys go by.


10 years ago

Mr cairns to michael: "ther`ll be no fasting for you during lent hahah". Micheal - a wee bit distressed!!?!???
-puffin drunk
-simpsons shapes
-bear paws
-mrs connolly
-snow in march
-cammy playing christmas songs in march
-james and cammy talking to brian about his hair
-richard being a bit bent
-fitty kylie
-pokemon on the motorway
-general brian & irena
-brian oozing knowing of names
-20 minutes
-oozy mcchurch
-its alright hen you'll be home soon
-craig getting thrown out of burger kings
-not laura going missing anyway
-not lauras phone anyway
-diane falling
-several times
-drinking games
-"a fat burd just gave me the eyes"
-watching the snow from the door in campus
-cammy taking hunners of brians requests
-ross being speedy with the coats
-"do you need a pee? you look like you need a pee"
-"see you in july"
-barry AND irena drunk
-room 1 ep launch
-banners and t-shirts
-crowd singing along
-ross the rockstar
-not sherry anyway
-one can dan

have i missed anything?
-miss mcnamaras chair, "bet she pees all over this"
-serious assaults in school
-thinking im being subtle with a camera aimed at cammy
-oh my sooth
-how deep is your love being SLAUGHTERED
-the snow
- lillian
- straw in a pint
-gavin dancing with danielle-ipy mcyana and the divide
- oozing ability to get into campus
- ainlsie commenting on myspace
- martin not knowing michael
- michael then knowing michael
- how about ten minutes
- michael running to the shop for irn bru
- writing on hands or arms
- put your hands up
- scruffy
- mac that
- joanne with cake smeared on her face
- michael meeting his relations at parties
- "laura ill introduce this guy to you i know,hes from belfast"
- neil from the stairs
- petter
- dietar
- cake in jamies car
- michael going to archaos at seven
- michael picking up ladies at bus stops
- michael kissing lillian
- michael DANCING

that should be *martin then knowing michael"
-the lion king
-massimo the gigolo
-new yourk new york
-papa roach
-not getting id'd
-jikes bounding onto the dancefloor
-jikes trying to get into campus when we're at the bank
-hiding from jikes at the bank
-the batmobile
-orson at campii
-too many over-excited men behaving like young children
-fish supper from blue lagoon
-carol nearly wetting herself everytime jikes made an appearance
-laura not loving chris
-pished after one shot
-archaos with maria at 7
-laura not knowing where her shoes are
-creepy alan
-tony masterson driving your taxi
-oozing knowledge of your taxi drivers name
-yer oozing prospects
-barry oozing winning of bets
-adrian being white

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