Pamela (innocent_glow) wrote in lambrinigirls,

2005, what a year for my ladies. how much fun??

how many anthems were there this year??
how much alcohol was consumed?
how many times did we near wet ourselves laughing?
how many catchphrases were there?
how many nights out did we enjoy?
how many nights in?
how much tv did we adore?
how many times did we fall in love with untouchables?
how many new friends?
how many quotes? films? even books?!
how many times did we suffer paul and stephen but secretly enjoy it?
how many cd's did we release all by ourselves?
how many times was j.p oor pal?
how many times did we break the law?
how many times would you- sexy eyes?
how many nekkid mcfly members did we see?


















okay ladies, i wanted to do lots more writing but i'm scared about running out of space.. so girls i want you to comment as many memories as you can, funny quotes.. funny days.. nice things about our fabulous year

Thank You xxx

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